Talent Development

How to Unleash the High Potential Talent in Your Organization

Organizations need to make smart decisions on how they identify and invest in talent. By leveraging assessment, we can help identify high-potential talent and tailor development programs to best meet employer goals and objectives.

With 86% of organizations believing that they don’t have an effective leadership plan, Right Management can help close the gaps by identifying and developing future leaders, accelerating time-to-value and empowering employees with the skills they need to drive sustainable change

High potential talent is critical to business growth and transformation:

We help organizations around the world create successful programs for the assessment, and development of top talent, and help them measure the impact on both the individual and the organization. Our approach is:

Global and scalable: Right Management has robust talent assessment and development resources in place worldwide. We can design and support high-potential programs on any scale.

Collaborative: We tailor solutions for our clients by applying our expertise working with high potentials to their unique business and cultural needs.

All-business: By tightly linking high-potential development to your business drivers and priorities, our business-savvy consultants and executive coaches deliver solutions that engage your top talent and move your organization forward in tangible ways.

Gary Schmidt Ph.D., MBA, M.S., Practice Leader for Talent Management, ASEAN, Right Management

„The best thing you can do for your high potentials is to give them learning experiences outside their comfort zone. Failure and feedback in a controlled setting will help drive successful behaviors in real pressure situations when effective leadership matters most.“