Shifting market dynamics lead to business change.

Over the last 35+ years, Right Management has developed and transitioned more than 3 million people into new roles, careers and opportunities.

Uniquely positioned to guide companies through this transition, we provide organizations with innovative tools and a dedicated support team to help plan, communicate and implement workforce transitions. We also offer proven coaching, skills development and landing services for exiting employees through our state-of-the-art RightEverywhere® career platform.

How do outplacement services help organizations implement smooth, productive transitions?

  • Organizations that provide outplacement services report positive outcomes including increased engagement, productivity and loyalty among the emoployees you retain
  • Right Management delivers the industry´s best candidate experience, helping you build a strong employment brand among current, former and potential employees

38% of companies

who purchased outplacement services noticed an increase in employee satisfaction, post-transition.*

95% of clients

are satisfied with Right Management services.**

91% of candidates

would recommend using Right Management services.*

*Right Management Online Poll
**Right Management Customer Satisfactions Survey