Outplacement is a professional support for employees who find themselves in a situation of job loss.
Certified consultants help employees cope with the new situation, provide professional information from the labor market and above all, effectively grasp all the activities that need to be done to find a new job.
Outplacement support is offered and paid by the employer to its employees in order to support them in a difficult situation and thus builds the good name of a responsible employer.



For the employer:

Process optimization and minimization of negative impacts on employees and society
Strengthening the positive perception of society as an employer
Maintaining the performance, motivation and trust of the remaining employees
Reducing pressure on managers communicating change
Part of good human resource management and modern HR branding

For employees:

Increasing the effectiveness of finding a new job and developing the skills necessary to manage the working life
Adopting a proactive approach, increasing self-confidence and motivation
Readiness for most situations that may arise in the search process
Taking advantage of the hidden labor market
Access to up-to-date labor market information



Objective: To prepare managers to manage and communicate organizational changes in the company and eliminate the risks associated with redundancies
Form: One-day training
Understanding the context and impacts of the organizational change
The role of the company and the role of the manager in the process of the change
Understanding the needs and expectations of employees (outgoing and remaining)
Preparation and planning of the announcement process
Individual & group announcements step by step
Coping with various responses and questions
Post-announcement activities

Objective: To support the dismissed employee in the process of finding a new job
Form: Individual support from a certified career consultant who meets the participant during the whole training (1-12 months)
Career coaching and professional feedback
Introduction to the reality of the labor market
Support from a human point of view, emotions management, strengthening self-confidence, proactive approach
The participant can use the acquired career skills throughout his/her working life

Objective: To support redundant employees in the process of finding a new job
Form: All-day group workshop
Acquisition of basic skills necessary for effective search for a new job
Training in the form of practical training and group or individual exercises
Introduction to the reality of the labor market